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Oops, Was That a PlayStation Phone I Dropped?

We’re not sure if it was left in a bar for someone to find, but a video of the rumored PlayStation phone is now making the rounds.

It’s not the first we’ve seen of the Android-based device. Engadget posted photos last month, though the new video (below) gives more of a feel for the device in action.

Why hadn’t someone already thought of putting a game controller on a phone? Oh, wait, Nokia tried that back with the N-Gage (pictured here, for those who never had the pleasure). Of course, it didn’t have Android and required developers to create all-new games that consumers had to then buy.

It will be interesting to see whether this phone, when and if it makes it to market, is compatible with any other Sony products and if existing Android games can take advantage of the phone’s controller without having to do a big rewrite of their code.