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Google’s Rubin: 300,000 Androids Activated Each Day

The fast-growing Android operating system has hit a new milestone, according to a Tweet from the Google executive that heads the effort.

In only his second public post to Twitter, Andy Rubin said on Wednesday night that there are now 300,000 Android phones being activated each day. As a point of reference, there were about 60,000 Android activations per day as of last February.

Android shipments have been rising fast as phone makers Motorola and Samsung have hitched their smartphone wagons to the operating system while other brands, including HTC and LG, also ship significant numbers of the phones, while also using rival operating systems.

On Monday, Google debuted Gingerbread, the next version of Android and announced that the Samsung-built Nexus S would be the first phone to run the operating system. That evening, speaking at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference, Rubin showed off a prototype Motorola tablet running Honeycomb, a new version of Android built specifically for tablets.

Interestingly, Rubin said during his onstage appearance that he considers Android today as still geared primarily to early adopters.