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Photo-Sharing App Picplz Gets a Makeover

Picplz is adding a few more tricks to its camera bag.

The social mobile photo venture is updating its iPhone application on Thursday to allow for, among other things, the ability to get a live preview of what various filters will look like before applying them. It’s the second major update to the iPhone version, following on the addition of filters a couple of months back.

In an interview, Picplz creator Dalton Caldwell said the company also did a lot of work to make the program faster and more responsive.

“We got a lot of feedback about just the look and feel of the product and how it felt sluggish to browse around so we made what I consider to be some pretty big changes and we rewrote quite a bit of the [user interface],” Caldwell told Mobilized.

Live preview of filters, Caldwell said, just makes Picplz more enjoyable. “These apps are fun,” he said. “Being able to really quickly scan through and see it through a bunch of different lenses is fun.”

While it’s fun for the users, Picplz is also aiming to show that the mobile social arena can be a business success, and it faces competition from rivals such as Instragram, which is picking up steam among large brands.

Picplz now has just under 200,000 registered users, and its Web site has a rapidly growing number of daily page views, he said.

Caldwell said the company is also working on more updates for the Android version, but noted that since Android updates don’t require approval in the same was that Apple updates do, it’s easier to update that version more frequently with smaller changes.

For more on Picplz, here’s a recent video interview that Caldwell did with my All Things D colleague, NetworkEffect’s Liz Gannes.