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Apple’s Cook Aims to Reassure Wall Street on Apple’s Future

We’re several questions into the earnings conference call and no analyst has yet directly asked about the health of CEO Steve Jobs.

However, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster did say it would be helpful to know just how far out Apple plans its products.

Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook wouldn’t say whether Apple plans its products one year out or five years out.

“That’s a part of the magic of Apple,” Cook said. “I don’t want to let anyone know our magic because I don’t want anyone copying it.”

He did say the company is happy both with how it is doing now and with what is to come.

“In my opinion, Apple is doing its best work ever,” he said. “We are all very happy with the product pipeline.”

Cook noted several times how Apple is struggling to keep up with demand for the iPhone. He also said that the company has “unparalelled breadth and depth” among its employees.

“Excellence has become a habit,” Cook said. “We feel very very confident about the future of the company.”

Cook said that despite recent blowout sales, Apple still has just a tiny portion of all computer sales or all phone sales.

“It would seem like there is enormous opportunity still there,” he said.

Update, 3:02 pm PT: Apparently no one wanted to be “that guy” and ask a question related to Jobs’s health. The conference call just ended and Munster’s question was as close to the subject as any analyst was willing to veer. All the rest of the questions were directly product related.