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Inquisitive Start-Up Qriously Queries Android Users on What They Make of Apple

Android users may be loyal to their device, but they are certainly appreciative of what Apple has done in the market as well.

At least that was the finding of a flash survey of 10,500 Android users recently done over a 19-hour period by Qriously, an Accel Partners-backed start-up. Qriously’s polling found that 79 percent of those who responded believe Apple builds a good product, with only 21 percent disagreeing with that notion.

The start-up also found that far more users plan to buy another Android phone rather than an iPhone, though more would be open to buying an iPhone if it could also run their Android apps. About five times as many were happy with the quality of Android apps than those who were unhappy. And only about a third of respondents thought the iPhone had better apps than are available for Android.

Qriously bills itself as a quick way for customers to gauge public sentiment. It serves up its questions within mobile applications, replacing advertisements with various survey questions.

“We want to make the opinions of millions of people available in real time and be able to tag those opinions to location,” founder Christopher Kahler told Mobilized. The company’s business model, he said, is a simple one: Those who seek information pay for each response they get.

If successful, Qriously would offer app developers an additional way to monetize their software. Although Android sales have taken off, many developers say it is still hard to make money selling their programs directly, with many turning to advertising and other alternatives.

Developers got a boost late last month when Google turned on in-app payments for Android.

As for Qriously, the company is still tiny, just five people, and based in London. The company raised $1.6 million in December from Accel, and its service, in private beta, launched last month.

The Android poll about the iPhone is the first survey for which Qriously has released results publicly.