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Verizon Grappling with Major 4G LTE Outage as Exec’s Words Come Back to Bite Her

Verizon Wireless is dealing with a major outage of its 4G LTE service on Wednesday as users in various spots across the country report problems using the company’s cell phone network.

The company has not commented on the outage as yet, but its user forums are filled with comments from those unable to use 4G service and also those having problems with 3G connectivity. The outage started last night for some and is continuing, according to the user reports.

For Verizon VP Nicola Palmer, the timing of the outage is particularly unfortunate, coming just two days after she told mobile executives how smoothly the company’s rollout of its 4G LTE network has been.

“Frankly I expected some speed bumps,” Palmer said during a talk at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit on Monday. “The surprise here to me is the speed bumps were very few and far between and they didn’t do any damage to the undercarriage.”

The company launched its high-speed LTE network back in December.

Update, 1:30 p.m.: In a statement, Verizon said it is has identified the cause of the outage working to fix the issue.

“We are aware of an issue with 4G LTE data connections and our network engineers are working to resolve this quickly,” a Verizon representative said in a statement, “We have determined the cause of our issue and are working with our major vendors to restore connections.”

Verizon said customers should still be able to make calls form 4G LTE phones, but that data may not work or may revert to a slower network. Also, customers won’t be able to activate new LTE devices until the issue is resolved.

“After determining the cause of our 4G LTE network connection issue, we are continuing to work to restore connections,” Verizon said. “We expect to see the network restore on a market-by-market basis. Timing and additional details will be provided as they become available.”