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Verizon Wireless says 4G LTE Network Back Up After Nationwide Outage

Verizon Wireless said on Thursday morning that its high-speed 4G LTE network is once again working, following a nationwide outage that began on Tuesday evening.

“Our 4G LTE network is up and running.” the company said in a statement. “Our network engineers and vendors quickly identified the issue and solved it.”

Verizon did not offer details on what caused the outage.

The company said those using its ThunderBolt LTE smartphone should have normal service, while laptop users with a USB modem may have to reconnect to the network when moving between 3G and 4G. “This will continue to improve,” Verizon said.

The company was slated to start selling its second 4G LTE Phone, the Samsung-made Droid Charge, starting today. However, a Verizon representative said that launch has been delayed, with no details immediately available on the new launch date.

The outage is the first major hiccup for the LTE network, which Verizon launched back in December.