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Tablet Owners Spending More Time on Their Net-Connected TVs and Phones, but Less on PCs

A good number of those who have an iPad or other tablet report spending less time on their PCs since their tablet purchase, according to some new numbers from Nielsen.

According to the study, roughly a third of laptop and desktop users report using their PC less or even not at all since getting a tablet. Also, 77 percent of tablet owners say they are using their slates for things that they used to do on a PC because of the ease of use, portability and fast boot-up, among other factors.

While all that may seem logical, it’s not the case that users are ignoring all of their other devices just to spend time with their shiny new tablets. The same study found that a significant number of users say they are spending more time on their Internet-connected TVs and smartphones after getting their tablets.

The study included some other tidbits:

  • Around half of all tablet owners said they were the only ones in their household using their tablet, while 43 percent said they shared the tablet with others. About eight percent said that they own a tablet, but that it is used only by others in the house.
  • Also, the IPad continues to dominate the tablet market, with 82 percent of those who own a tablet saying it was an iPad. The nearest individual competitor was the Samsung Galaxy Tab at 4 percent.